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Dear historical materialists:
re.: Physical (real) conditions.

I am appalled that self-described Marxists would downplay the havoc that
capitalism has wreaked upon the world.  The best scientific minds of our
generation indicate the crisis in our environment, from global warming
to resource waste, to toxic buildups, to potable water and soil
depletion, to species extinction.  Top capitalists not only gain at our
losses but can protect themselves from catastrophic consequences.  They
deliberately obfuscate the critical issues involved.


Betrayal of Science and Reason: How Anti-Environmental Rhetoric
Threatens Our Future, by Paul R. Ehrlich, and Anne H. Ehrlich,  (Island,
Washington DC: 1996).

The Heat is On: The High Stakes Battle over Earth’s Threatened Climate,
by Ross Gelbspan, (Addison-Wesley, New York: 1997).

And The Waters Turned to Blood: The Ultimate Biological Threat, by
Rodney Barker (Simon & Schuster, New York: 1997).

Song for a Blue Ocean: Encounters Along the World’s Coasts and Beneath
the Seas, by Carl Safina (Holt, New York: 1997).

Jane Lubchenko, out-going President of the American Association for the
Advancement of Science, warned in 1997 that the environment was
threatened.  The few scientists who disagree are on the take, blind, or
very conservative.

I could blurt “If you think this is not a matter for us to be worried
about then you have your head up your arse” but I argue that is not the
way to develop a Marxist sensibility.  Just look at the evidence.
Marx’s dialectic pointed to the transformation of quantity into
quality.  Currently, if one considers species depletion and
environmental corruption, you must see that humanity is losing on both
counts.  Marx wrote of the need for people to decentralize into the
country, and to save the earth.

I am aghast that anyone on this list would take a swing at John Bellamy
Foster and his commitment to the Marxist project based on his published
work.  You do not know the man.  Aside from his formal oeuvre, Foster
has devoted a great amount of his time to Monthly Review, to teaching
Marxism with great creativity (I was his student at the University of
Oregon so I speak from experience), to extracurricular activities of
otherwise reflexively marginalized leftist students, and to community
activities.  We all play our roles.  You have no idea what else he is
into.  Please think a bit before slamming our comrades and allies.  I am
purposely not using names here because I know we all make mistakes and I
think incrimination is just a bourgeois profit-making activity.
Let us remain objective and address the issues. Ultimately
humanity has no salvation in the material world but through its own
rationality.  Only through socialism can we be redeemed.

There is no pie in the sky; there’s a fucking hole in it!
Do you deny it?
Why is it there?
Will the capitalist world fix it?
They only make it worse and put us all in jeopardy.
The Dialectic has many dimensions. We must fight in them all.
Know the enemy. Thrust.
Know your friends. Parry.

Chris Brady

Louis Proyect
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