China prepares to invade Taiwan

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Wed Jun 7 12:43:10 MDT 2000

There is a world of difference between supporting a "communist government"
and any particular policy undertaken by that government. Supporting the PRC
does not mean praising privatization in China, in fact just the
opposite;fighting, whichever way we can, so that the CCP returns to the
Marxist(or if you prefer) Maoist) road.
Lenin's Russia went to war with Poland, a buffer state created by
imperialism at the end of World War I to quarantine the Soviet
Union.Worker's around the world rallied to the cause of the Bolsheviks.
Breznev's Russia invaded Czechoslovakia to crush an incipient political
revolution against the Stalinist bureaucracy in Prague, and many
Marxists(including this one) condenmed it.But in both cases it was still
necessary to defend the USSR against the US-led imperialist block.
Julio Cesar
At 09:31 AM 6/7/00 -0700, you wrote:
>Henry writes that "we must support all communist
>governments" despite their (if you can believe this
>phrase) "transitional imperfections."  Abu Nasr adds
>that failing to do so is "objectively class treason."
>Was this argument also used against those who
>criticized the Soviet invasion of Czechoslovakia?
>Stalin's terror?
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