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Democratic People´s Republic of Korea and the Juche Idea

Hi everybody.

I just had a talk with an activist of the Finland-Korea Society, Mr. Pekka
Rantala. I got from him material and information about North Korea and
about the Juche Idea.

The Finland-Korea Society is a friendship community between Finlad and
North Korea. It has no  kind of a political colour. Pekka Rantala himself
has worked as a municipal councillor  on the mandate of a right-wing
bourgeois party in Finland.

The information given by Pekka  gives reason enough for this message. He
has conducted group  tours to DPRK sixteen times and in August this year
the seventeeth group will travel from Finland to North Korea with him.

As suspected already earlier,   the image created by the  bourgeois power
media of DPRK has quite obviously turned evertyhing upside down. The
intentionally spreaded rumors of millions of people to have starved to
death, cannibalism and so forth are nothing but childish lies. The country
has gone through the bad agricultural years with good common spirit. Now
DPRK  advances rapidly at all sectors of life.

The positive information on North Korea´s affairs  and visions of future
fits with the reports of  the UN bodies.  On the other hand, the
contradiction with the dirty bourgeois propaganda is sharp.

A prosperous socialism living in circumstances of hard strangling  by
imperialism is such an important and interesting thing that  it may be
appropriate to know something of the Juche Idea based on very human values.

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