Mexico- A TWO Party Democracy?

Tony Abdo aabdo at
Wed Jun 7 13:42:53 MDT 2000

What has been the reaction of the Mexican and American populations to
the US effort to create a TWO party system in Mexico?      I emphasize
the number TWO, because Mexico has been, for some time, a ONE party
dictatorship masquerading as a MULTI party democracy.      Is it
progress to move forward to a TWO party system?

No, it most definitely is not..... at least, from the angle of Mexican
autonomy and the interests of the Mexican and US working classes.
Unfortunately, the populations of both countries seem oblivious to the
bi-national elites' pushing this TWO party system forward.

Despite the US/ Mexican elite efforts to promote PAN as THE opposition
party in Mexico (that began some years before the current Fox campaign)
the Mexican and US Lefts both seem unconscious of what the US goals are
.... in constructing the new political system in Mexico.

There is quite a lot of understanding about how much the US wants to
pillage Mexico ECONOMICALLY, but minimal understanding of the strategy
about how the US plans to go about doing this POLITICALLY.      What is
the barricade to comprehension?

It is quite simply,  that the US has supported the PRI dictatorship in
its olden form for so long, that it seems impossible for the Mexican
people to really believe that this time will be truly different.     The
process of constucting the TWO party system has been so gradual, that a
realization of what it is all about has not occurred within the Mexican
population- Left, Right, nor Center.

I have seen no commentary within Mexico that specifically understands
that Clinton is pushing for Fox, and NOT Labastida.

Meanwhile. in the US people sleep.    Mexico is a place for Solidarity
with Chiapas.      But Mexico is not Chiapas, any more than the US is
Mississippi.      People who know the ruins of the Maya, often know
little of Guatemala.     Those who know Chiapas, often seem to know
little of Mexico.

So, what will happen when the Mexican activists who have struggled so
valiantly to overthrow the terrorist Mexican dictatorship realize their
victory has been snatched away by a foreign imperialism?     It some
ways it will be similar to what has happened within the working class of
the ex-Soviet Bloc.

We can examine the causes of why these setbacks occur.      In both
cases, a lack of understanding of the strength and power of imperialist
intervention, led to a belief amongst the populations that the events on
their own narrow stages,  were in fact, much more autonomous of
international realities than they had imagined.

The phenomena is simple.      People almost always see (at first) the
problem as their supervisor, not their Boss.      The government, not
the multinationals.     The Communist Party, not international
capitalism.        Yet, later the struggle resumes.

In Mexico, Left activists will fight back against the privatization
projects that Fox will put forward in rapid gear.     Unfortunately, the
majority of the population will be momentarily intoxicated by a chorrro
of propaganda that will be telling them that a New Day has arrived.
With New Possibilities, and of course, with new dreams.

Cardenas will most likely lose all his political capital, since he has
been so totally snookered.      His project for a peaceful, electoral
transition to Social Democracy (that he has spent his life on) will have
been totally trumped by Neo-Liberalism.       This central figure on the
Mexican Left today, will no longer be the center of much more than pity.

To his credit, he did not come on board the Fox/ Clinton effort to build
a "United" Opposition (before the election).    But where will be his
position of strengh necessary to challenge a declaration of PAN victory
by Zedillo and the US?

All this is still conjecture to an extent, anything could happen in the
next 4 weeks.      Assassination can change the whole

Let's consider for a second, the role of entities like "Global
Alliances" in marketing "free" elections.      Just what is a free
election, and just what is a Frankenstein like Global Alliances?

Is "Global Alliances" a corporation offering a service?      What is the
service offered?   The customer list stretches from Microsoft, to the
Bush family, to the Hubert Humphry family, to offering and planning to
install new governments, from Pakistan to Mexico.      Not your typical

It seems clear,  that this is an entity of the US government itself,
feigning to be a major (and I do mean MAJOR) image consultant firm!
What collusion the PRI has, in the process of allowing PAN to win!
They have not protested against US government intervention in the
affairs of Mexico, a supposedly sovereign state they currently manage.

And how could they?      The PRI high bureaucracy has been in US control
for decades.

These Mexican presidential elections are no more "free" than when the US
put into power in Nicaragua, Violeta Chamorro.     FREE...... should at
least mean... free of foreign interference.       This is not the case
in Mexico, obviously.

But have we seen any commentaries on either side of The Border that have
discussed this covert operation?      I haven't, yet.      Instead,
there are constant "horse race" articles about polls and debates.
Fox leads by 2%,  or Labastida by 5%.       This is the tapestry needed
to paint the final fraud.

Of course, most people believe in angels and accurate vote tallies.
And at the same time, Mexico believes that the PRI will tally the vote
for PRI.      It's hard for the masses to actually believe... that the
PRI will tally the vote for PAN.      But with 'Global Alliiances'  on
the case, anything is possible.     I wonder if the computers used are a
Microsoft product?

..................................Tony Abdo
And where are the masses, the people in your analysis? Are they only
"convidados de piedra?. Don't they play some role in the actual state of
things? Is it only a question of american and party elites conspiration?
Julio FB

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