Trip to China

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Wed Jun 7 17:48:06 MDT 2000

I did almost this exact trip last year.

It is well worth including Nanjing as well.

The Chinese History museum of Tienamen Square, contary to rumours printed in Lonely
Planet guide, has written display commentaries in English and is well worth while.

If you are with a group in Beijing (4 people), best way to get to Great Wall, is by
hire car arranged from hotel, (but make sure it has insurance).

If you are going to access internet email in china, best to take a image of your usual
screens so you can work out what all the chinese script menus are on about.

CTS (China Travel Service) was excellant.

Chris W

On Wed, 07 June 2000, "Maya O'Connor" wrote:

> I am going to China in about two weeks and I was wondering if Henry (or
> other comrades on the list) would have suggestions for me as a student of
> the history of Chinese revolution of sites to visit.  I will be going to
> Beijing, Shanghai and Xian.
> ?? (Thanks),
> Maya O'Connor
> oconnorm at

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