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Wed Jun 7 19:52:22 MDT 2000

Revolutionists in the Middle East should have learned from history,
e.g., Afghanistan, Iran, Lebanon, etc., that they must be wary of
their “allies of convenience” in the religious groupings.
But as Western imperialists prefer religious zealotry to any red
fanaticism, both in and around Zionist-occupied Palestine, any sort of
tactical cover to advance the struggle becomes a necessity.

Whenever I hear charges of terrorism levied against Palestinian
fighters, I am reminded of Menachim Beigin’s and Yitzhak Shamir’s
refusals to negotiate with Palestinians because Palestinians were
terrorists— this from the leader of Irgun and the head of LEHI (a.k.a.,
the Stern Gang), respectively— chauvinistic organizations whose success
in the use of terror may have inspired succeeding generations of
emulators amongst their Arab antagonists.

Here is a little on their background from
 unpublished paper by Chris Brady (1992) :

...It was in the Thirties that [right-wing Zionist] Revisionism took
on its most overt Fascist characteristics. Jabotinsky castigated the
Jewish Left as a contradiction, in that "socialism, if carried to its
logical conclusions, was utterly incompatible with Zionism." He was a
fervent anti-communist and an admirer of Mussolini. He believed in a
corporatist state that outlawed unions and strikes. He believed in a
militant, uniformed nationalism. At the 1933 WZO Congress only months
after Hitler came to power, Jabotinsky strode around surrounded by an
escort of brownshirted Betar bodyguards.

      Perhaps Jabotinsky just was not very fashion conscious and would
have chosen differently colored shirts if he had been-black like the
Fascisti maybe-because he did display a dislike for the new German
Fuhrer. He remonstrated the Revisionist publication Chazit Ha'am for
its announcement that "Nazism was a national liberation movement and
that Hitler had saved Germany from Communism." Though fascist feelings
spread throughout Revisionism, any dealings with those who served the
infamous anti-Semitic author of Mein Kampf was strictly forbidden by
Jabotinsky. Distinctions were drawn. Chaim Arlosoroff, the Political
Secretary of the Jewish Agency, dared approach the Nazis to attempt a
transfer of German-Jewish capital to Palestine. He was murdered.
Despite the botched trial, years later ballistics established a
connection between the killing of Arlosoroff and the Revisionists:
 the gun used to kill Arlosoroff was the same as the one Sternists
used to assassinate Lord Moyne, and to shoot eight others.

     Anti-Semitism was Nazism's big drawback for Jabotinsky, the one
aberration in the idiosyncratic German manifestation of his preferred
fascist ideology. Jabotinsky's heirs in Palestine, Abba Achimeir, Uri
Zvi Greenberg and Wolfgang von Weisl, were "devotees of Mussolini."
"Achimeir ...[wrote] a column, Yomen Shel Fascisti (Diary of a
Fascist)," organized strikebreaking gangs, and "set up a secret society,
Brit HaBiryonim (Union of Terrorists)" in the early Thirties.

     After Jabotinsky and the Revisionists broke with the mainstream
World Zionist Organization in 1935 to found the New Zionist
Organization, the NZO openly cheered the Italian butchery of Abyssinia
as a racial triumph of Whites over Blacks. The Revisionist Betar
trained in Fascist Italy in the Thirties, and was even reviewed on
occasion by Il Duce himself. It was during this period that Menachem
Beigin, and Avraham Stern-and Yitzhak Shamir, as he is now known-became

My notes indicate that the information in the above four paragraphs
came mostly from _The Iron Wall_ by Lenni Brenner, (London: Zed, 1984),
pages 89-98.

[N.B.: I just read Jim Farmelant 's posting, which the above now
augments. Oops, now I've seen Nestor's, too!  It's hard to keep up!}

As far as associations of socialists with Nazis are concerned, has
anybody here ever heard of the Hitler-Stalin Pact, variously known
as the Russo-German Non-Aggression Treaty, etc.?  What about that
cliche: "Politics makes strange bedfellows?" Or "All's fair in love
and war."  The post-revolution terror in the fledgling Soviet Union
is another case.

The argument from all sides on this thread so far has been moralistic
it seems to me.  I think we should consider the possibility that the
Israeli withdrawal from Lebanon had as much to do with Barak and the
purposes of a segment of Israel's rulers' needs, and their sponsors
in the capitalist center, as with the previously ineffective HezbAllah.

Chris Brady

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