Islamic Resistance

Julio Fernández Baraibar julfb at
Wed Jun 7 22:45:56 MDT 2000

I remember, reading the message of Carroll, an expression that a very
friend sometime said:
"We don't that you give us a hand, we want that you take your hands out".

Julio FB

> Sam Pawlett wrote:
> > Aaahh, but whose victory is it? Will you be saying the same thing when
> > the Islamic resistance begins executing leftists?
> One of the reasons the U.S. developed as a modern nation while so many
> other nations did not is that it was able to fight out its civil war
> major outside interference. In the case of most "third world" nations what
> we see is older contradictions (whether "native" or, more frequently,
> generated by imperialism) which eventually must be worked out through
> civil war -- but with that civil war blocked by outside (mostly U.S.)
> interference. Our *only* task as leftists and anti-imperialists in the
> imperialist homelands is to try to block or limit that outside
> So what I will say when "the Islamic resistance begins executing
> leftists?" is exactly what I say now: U.S. out of the Mideast.  It is mere
> self-indulgent preening of one's own morality to establish merely verbal
> positions on conflicts which one cannot materially affect. And Moralism
> within the imperialist nations (left and/or right Moralism) is one of
> imperialism's strongest ideological weapons.
> Carrol

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