Battle over Old Growth Forests in BC Canada

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A little background here: The area, hereafter refered to as the "Elaho
Valley", or known to environmentalists as the Stoltmann Wilderness, contains
the oldest Trees in Canada, some 13-1400 year old Douglas Firs. It is
technically part of Greater Vancouver, and is one of the Southernmost points
in North America left that is home to Grizzly Bears. Old Growth rainforests
like this one are almost non-existent; many on this list will have heard of
the battle in BC over the Clayoquot Sound rainforest, well in environmental
terms, this is far more important to our eco-system and the balance here.

There is no doubt that all radicals in Vancouver will hear much about this
all summer, at least; The environmentalists are the only well-organized
radical direct action groups in Vancouver and/or BC.


CBC British Columbia News Online

Jun 7 2000 9:13 PM EDT

Environmentalists win

VANCOUVER - The B.C. Supreme Court has thrown out the injunction which
kept anti-logging protesters away from Interfor logging operations in the
Elaho Valley near Squamish.

Mr. Justice David Vickers says that since the injunction was granted last
September, the court has witnessed vigilante actions, misrepresentations
and lies.

He was referring to a raid by loggers on the environmental protesters'
camp. He says efforts by Interfor supervisors to prevent the destructive
rampage were "feeble and ineffective".

Barney Kern speaks for the protest group Friends of the Elaho. He says
with the injunction gone, the protests will increase. "I can pretty much
guarantee there isn't going to be much logging north of Lava Creek," he
says. "We'll make sure of that."

Kern also says this ruling should send a message. "I'm hoping that message
goes back to the politicians," he says, "and they figure out some way that
we can have dialogue and move forward in forestry issues and environmental

Justice Vickers says his decision does not keep Interfor from seeking
another injunction.
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