Extrapolating the Zionist Prerogative

Chris Brady chris_brady at SPAMearthling.net
Thu Jun 8 03:44:57 MDT 2000

Being of Celtic heritage, I sometimes wonder about a “right of return”
for all of Gaul.  Only Celts would have citizenship rights in what is
now Britain, Ireland, Scotland, France, northern Spain, well, pretty
well all of Europe. That is the logic behind the expropriation of
Palestine to make room for a Homeland for the Jews: the land belonged
to Jews about 2,000 years ago. In the Western Hemisphere, similar
Native American demands have fallen on deaf ears.

Socialists will eventually have to deal with such problems as who has
the right to live where in a socialist world that belongs to all, and
how the resources of this planet are exploited, and, of course,
allocated. Historical claims to privilege over property must be
relinquished (or ignored) in favor of justice for all.

Chris Brady

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