Extrapolating the Zionist Prerogative

Nestor Miguel Gorojovsky gorojovsky at SPAMinea.com.ar
Thu Jun 8 06:23:00 MDT 2000

En relación a Re: Extrapolating the Zionist Prerogative,
el 8 Jun 00, a las 11:20, red-rebel dijo:

> Since many people believe us Celts originally came from the
> mediterainian Middle-East, maybe we should lay claim to Isreal as our
> "original" homeland.
> James.

Sorry, you Celts, it is Africans who have the Holy Right To The Whole
Of The Land On Planet Earth.

Hope I have put an end to this debate.

Néstor Miguel Gorojovsky
gorojovsky at inea.com.ar

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