Mark's environmentsal panic attack

Carrol Cox cbcox at
Thu Jun 8 07:32:58 MDT 2000

Macdonald Stainsby wrote:

> > If global warming proved *not* to be a threat, would
> > that show that capitalism is eternal?
> >
> > Politically, what follows from *either* view of global warming?
> A word: Urgency.
> It also leaves us with the real "TINA".

That's what I thought -- and there are few conditions that
more paralyze political thought than urgency. Also I am
surprised that you would think a hyupothetical catastrophe
lends urgency that does not flow from the 100s of millions
of lives being destroyed each year. I hadn't thought of this
before, but a primary focus on such absolute catastrophes
does exhibit a certain contempt towards the sufferings
of the billions that flow from capitalism as it is. If those
sufferings don't generate urgency, why should global
warming add anything.

The more posts I read on this subject the more I began to
feel that -- even (as I said) if the catastrophists are 100%
correct in their science, even if their predictions are certain,
politically the issue is a disaster for the resistance to
capitalism. It is a distraction from the real problems of
organizing a movement.


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