Can Global Warming Become a Political Issue?

Carrol Cox cbcox at
Thu Jun 8 08:11:19 MDT 2000

I don't think it can. It will disturb people in their living rooms.
It will make for spirted cocktail party conversation. It will
freak out some marxists or potential marxists so completely
they will be unable to function in public. It will make people
grasp at straws -- they will try to guess which of two
fuckheads running for office will do less damage to the
ecosystem. It will drive others to fascism of one sort or
another as they see that the catastrophe is so near to hand
that there is no chance of building a workers' revolution in
time to head it off.

But no matter *what* the scientific facts are. No matter *how
soon* the disaster will come, Global Warming or Global
Catastrohe of any kind will never be a core organizing principle
for socialists.

Only a Man on a White Horse can save us from Global Warming.
Socialist Revolution is too slow, too uncertain.


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