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Abu Nasr abu-nasr at SPAMusa.net
Thu Jun 8 08:34:01 MDT 2000

While I highly appreciated Chris's note in general, this one passage requres
serious review.  Hizb Allah was not ineffective.  Over recent years its
military effectiveness has been very high indeed, as a regular read of their
virtually daily battle reports from south Lebanon has shown me.  Their
effectiveness was on the upgrade too, and the last year saw them penetrate to
within feet of the Zionist border through some of the world's most
sophisticated defences to launch attacks on the Zionists and puppet troops.
On several occasions they ambushed Israeli columns assassinating high-ranking
officers and officials in the puppet South Lebanon Army and Israeli military,
showing among other things the extent to which Hizb Allah intelligence had
penetrated to the highest levels of the occupation forces to the extent that
the guerrillas could keep informed of the secret movements of their top

Undoubtedly the Zionist withdrawal from Lebanon was unwilling. Barak is doing
his best to pretend that this is what they wanted to do all along and no doubt
he wants to cut his losses now in propaganda.  Obviously the retreat from
Lebanon was a political and military decision that "had to do with Barak and
the purposes of Israel's rulers' and their capitalist center's needs" but the
retreat would not have occured were it not for the ever more costly blows of
the Lebanese Resistance, including those of Hizb Allah.

With revolutionary greetings!

Abu Nasr

Chris Brady <chris_brady at earthling.net> wrote:
The argument from all sides on this thread so far has been moralistic
it seems to me.  I think we should consider the possibility that the
Israeli withdrawal from Lebanon had as much to do with Barak and the
purposes of a segment of Israel's rulers' needs, and their sponsors
in the capitalist center, as with the previously ineffective HezbAllah.

Chris Brady

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