Can Global Warming Become a Political Issue?

Carrol Cox cbcox at
Thu Jun 8 09:09:07 MDT 2000

Louis Proyect wrote:

> Carrol, you should talk less, and think and research more. The agrarian
> question occupied the same place in Marxist theory that the discussion of
> global warming does today.

Lou, you are absolutely refusing to face the primary question of all
intellectual endeavor -- natural sciences, politics, etiquette, kite-making,
what have you. Your position is profoundly anti-intellectual *and*
anti-political. That question which you refuse to even think about is

            What do we *need* to know?

We do need to know about the probability of global warming. But
we also have to think out how various issues fit into a political
strategy -- and it seems to me that you and Mark are so spooked
out by the "big picture" that you have turned almost mindless

Incidentally, to reject hypothetical questions is simply to reject
any thinking at a higher level than a chimpanzee of average
intellect for a chimpanzee. Newton discovered Gravity by
asking himself hypothetical questions. I suggest you reread the
works of Marx and ENgels to see how completely they were
dominated by hypothetical questions.


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