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Thu Jun 8 14:21:09 MDT 2000

Russell Grinker:
>Sustainable Development.
>Q1 What is the content of sustainable development?
>The introduction of regulating mechanisms upon capitalism designed to
>counter assumed future environmental and social damage caused by the
>unfettered reproduction of capital. Originally the obsessions of
>green, leftwing and feminist movements that arose out of their
>disillusionment with the market, these have entered mainstream
>bourgeois ideology. Although not presented as anti-growth, the effect
>of these regulations is a 'slow down' outlook.

This critique is essentially just as reactionary as the 'slow down' outlook
it critiques, since it is cut from the same cloth as generally found in the
ex-LM magazine. To promote 'rapid growth' without addressing the
contradictions of the capitalist system, class distinctions, etc., you end
up with the rather bizarre call that was found in LM Magazine after the
Asian meltdown. It opined that the main danger to social improvement (can't
remember the wooly euphemism they used) are the groups complaining about
air pollution, etc. Keep in mind that according to the NY Times that air
pollution has killed more Asians than the US war in Indochina. We are
socialists here, Russell. Get with the program.

Louis Proyect
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