Canadian MP: Try Gen. Clark for War Crimes

Jay Moore research at
Thu Jun 8 18:42:54 MDT 2000

Thursday June 8 3:01 PM ET

Canada MP Wants NATO Commander Tried for War Crimes
VANCOUVER (Reuters) - An outspoken Canadian lawmaker called on Thursday for
the U.S. army general who commanded NATO forces during the 1999 bombing
campaign in Kosovo to be tried for war crimes for the deaths of civilians.

Svend Robinson, the leftist New Democratic Party's spokesman on foreign
affairs, also denounced Canada's plans to decorate Gen. Wesley Clark with
the Meritorious Service Cross for his work commanding Canadian and other
alliance forces during the 11-week bombing campaign against Yugoslavia.

Robinson, who represents a Vancouver suburb in parliament, said Clark should
be tried because NATO bombed the headquarters of Serbian Radio-Television,
killing 16 civilians, and for incidents in which civilians were killed in
bridge bombings.

Robinson, Canada's only openly gay MP, is no stranger to controversy. Last
year, he presented a petition in parliament that sought to remove references
to God from the Canadian constitution.

Amnesty International charged on Wednesday that NATO's bombing in Kosovo,
aimed to end an anti-separatist campaign by Serbian forces against the
ethnic Albanian majority, violated international law. Alliance leaders
rejected the accusation as baseless and said their was no need for further

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