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Thu Jun 8 20:24:08 MDT 2000

Jay Moore wrote:
> Exactly so.  Didn't Lenin say something in his day about communists even
> supporting the Emir of Afghanistan when he was against [British]
> imperialism?

It's the "Letter to Emir Amanullah Khan of Afghanistan" May 27,
1919 in the collection *The National Liberation Movement in the East* by
Lenin. Progress Pubs.1952. Lenin called for the right to
self-determination because he thought it would help the domestic workers
and peasants win socialism. There are exceptions where a regime is
acting in important anti-imperialist ways yet repressing domestic
Marxists e.g.
Nasser, Khomeini.

   Lenin also signed a treaty and gave aid to Mustafa Kemal of Turkey
_after_ he had executed leading Marxists there. If you accept, as I do,
that Marxism is a worldwide pan-cultural movement then this is
unprincipled behaviour.

  Lenin also said "The use of medieval particularism? Too dangerous; not
Marxist. Modern national movements should be distinguished from
'movements' of a medieval nature." ibid 289. I submit that medieval
particularism is
exactly what Islamic fundamentalism is about.

 And *that* was in reference to a feudal despot and not even to
> a social movement, which is what we see in Lebanon (and a far more complex,
> nuanced social movement than Sam would give it credit for being).

Not true. I've posted on the mists and bogs of Lebanese politics to the
Lbo list.

> broad ad hominem attacks on the liberation forces are not helpful.

What ad hominem attacks? Shouldn't one tell the truth about these
liberation forces? Is blowing civilian airliners out of the air right or
wrong? Is that the way to fight imperialism? Unless you are saying that
telling the truth about
them might give an excuse for further repression by Israel, USA or other
regional powers. That is
understandable. I like Chomsky's dictum namely, "The responsibility of
the writer as a moral agent is to try and bring the truth about matters
of human significance to an audience that matters."

Gary M:
> We should support Hezbollah when it takes on the Israeli state and oppose
> it when it attacks the rights of leftists, women, gays etc.

I accept your points but you(we) are going to be doing a lot of
Here is a nugget I dug up. One of thousands.

"...the regime that had emerged out of the revolution was anti-labor and
could not tolerate the upsurge in the working class movement of Iran. In
the midst of the uprising, even while the Shah's army still patrolled
the streets, groups roamed the streets with the slogan 'HIzbollah is
victorious. East and West have been destroyed.' Me and some friends,
having just bought a few Marxist books that had been published were
moving in a mass of people  in one of Tehran's main thouroughfares.
Suddenly the Hizbollah descended on us, tried to beat us and take our
books to burn. One person from among them called to the rest to stop!
"Khomeini has ordered that this is not the time. First we must deal with
the Shah. The time for the left will come."  That indeed was the plan in
the heads of the leaders of the Islamic movement. From the morrow of the
victory of the revolution the unceasing repression of the labour
movement began and continues to this day." interview with Albert
Sohrabian [exiled Iranian union leader]. Iran Bulletin 15 1997.

Sam Pawlett

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