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Why would Volkogonov need to do that? He was far closer to events than
Payne. It has been said by Pipes I think and also by Orlando Figes, that
Lenin either sent a telegram or gave a verbal order which was minuted
somewhere - it's a year since I was in this and I can't quite recall. But
they are wrong. The situation was such that the Czechs would have seized the
Romanov family; their execution was a political necessity. But if you want
to find someone to blame, try Lloyd-George and the Briitsh cabinet who
refused to Let King George receive his brother monarch into British exile,
for effect of the effect on mutinous Briitsh workers, who might possibly
have taken that as the moment to begin their own revo...

Mark Jones
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> William Wharton wrote:
> >
> > On the question of the execution of the Russian royal family, I just
> > a book by Dmitri Volkogonov "Lenin: A New Biography" .  ... He attempts
to use this idea to link Lenin with the
> > individual terrorist teachings of Sergei Nechaev.  Another example,
> > according to this author, of Lenin's propencity to deviate from
> > Marxism.
> >
> > The entire crux of this question is rooted in the anti-communist and
> > perhaps anti-intellectual notion that the REAL motivating force behind
> > Lenin's work, was the execution of his brother Alexander after his
> > attempted assination of the Romanov emperor.
> Volkoginov either borrows these assertions from Thomas Payne, who put
> them forth in his own biography of Lenin some decades ago, or both
> borrow them from some source in common.
> - Juan

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