help sustainable development

Russell Grinker grinker at
Fri Jun 9 01:56:44 MDT 2000

From: Louis Proyect

>This critique is essentially just as reactionary as the 'slow down' outlook
>it critiques, since it is cut from the same cloth as generally found in the
>ex-LM magazine.

Pity that as usual Lou finds it impossible to even consider the substance of
the argument presented without an immediate denunciation of LM magazine
(which as far as I know, no longer exists). Instead the usual caricatures
seem to suffice, plus an injunction to "get with the program".

OK then so what does your "programme" say about the sustainable development
phenomenon Lou?
And how does your use of the term differ from the way the World Bank, USAID
and DFID use it these days?


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