Question from all you Leninits out there.

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The answer to end all queries on the subject was given by Trotsky in his 1935 Diary in
Exile, where he says that Sverdlov had told
him that the decision had been taken by Lenin, who considered the execution of the
Tzar's family necessary not to allow any
surviving member -"scion" -of the royal house- to be  taken by the Whites and used as
a "living banner" around which the Whites
should rally (remember that dissenssions among the Whites and their incapacity to
coordinate were one of the reasons to the
Bolsheviks' victory in Civil War). The decision, such as it was, was politically
logical and Trotsky remembers that the principle
of the Royal Blood - transmitting itself from generation to generation - generated the
necessity for the execution of the entire
family. We know, today, that the same was made by the French Revolution, as Marie
Antoinette's son also died in detention.

Carlos Rebello

> Date: 8 Jun 00 20:55:01 MDT
> From: William Wharton <williamwharton at>
> Subject: Re: [RE: Question for all you Leninists out there]
> On the question of the execution of the Russian royal family, I just read
> a book by Dmitri Volkogonov "Lenin: A New Biography" .  Volkogonov was the
> "special assistant" to Boris Yeltsin - need I say more concerning his
> ideological orientation - and asserts that while Lenin may not have
> directly given the order, "He (Lenin), Sverdlov and Trotsky had discussed
> the issue several times. It had not been complicated: the Russian emperor
> must be liquidated."  He attempts to use this idea to link Lenin with the
> individual terrorist teachings of Sergei Nechaev.  Another example,
> according to this author, of Lenin's propencity to deviate from classical
> Marxism.
> The entire crux of this question is rooted in the anti-communist and
> perhaps anti-intellectual notion that the REAL motivating force behind
> Lenin's work, was the execution of his brother Alexander after his
> attempted assination of the Romanov emperor.

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