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[On the Royal Russian Family's execution]

>  if you want to find someone to blame, try Lloyd-George
> and the Briitsh cabinet who refused to Let King George receive his
> brother monarch into British exile, for effect of the effect on
> mutinous Briitsh workers, who might possibly have taken that as the
> moment to begin their own revo...

And with the hidden idea that, if they could be fred from the Reds,
they would become a rallying point for Whites everywhere. Their
execution was necessary, and if one accounts for the fate that would
have befallen on Russia had these Kings been restored (probably worse
than what they are enduring now, who knows)...

Honestly, should we debate all this? Don't our enemies teach us these
elementary lessons in politics every day? Has imperialist democratism
beccome such a perfect system that revolutionaries in the First World
need to reassert themselves on these issues?

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