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> HELLO!!!  Please come to this:
> 180/Movement for Democracy and Education
> and
> United Students Against Sweatshops
> Together for a joint organizing conference
> August 16-21
> University of Oregon, Eugene, Oregon
> Over the past two years, the amount of activity at campuses around the US
> has risen sharply.  Many students are taking action to counter the power and
> influence that corporations have on our universities and society in general.
>   Students are protesting the use of sweatshop labor at home and in abroad.
> Campus workers are standing up and with students for higher wages, union
> recognition and job security.  Students are protesting steps toward the
> privatization and "corporatization" of their education and for democracy in
> education.  Most impressively students have played a major part in the
> demonstrations against the globalization of corporate power and its effects
> on education, the working class, consumers, and the environment.
> The 180/Movement for Democracy and Education has been active on all of these
> issues and is growing and moving in a direction toward a principled and
> healthy student movement to stand up for a quality and corporate-free
> education for all.  Growing out of the Democracy Teach-In project, they've
> built strong multi-issue chapters on several US campuses.  180/MDE, through
> the 4th round of Democracy Teach-Ins on campuses nationwide, mobilized
> hundreds of students to come to the Seattle WTO protests in November of
> 1999.  Chapters have begun to move towards fighting the unaccountable power
> of corporate administrators on their own campuses.
> United Students Against Sweatshops has seen a major amount of growth since
> their 1999 conference. They've led the fight against labor exploitation in
> the apparel industry, and is making alliances with organized labor globally.
>   Many campaigns have employed sit-ins as a tactic to pressure their schools
> to adopt the Worker Rights Consortium plan.  USAS has been vehement in its
> denunciation of the Fair Labor Association, a plan initiated by apparel
> corporations and the Clinton administration to let the companies have a
> great deal of control over who monitors their factories.
> Now, these two groups are joining forces to host a joint conference designed
> to take a hard look at the current system of corporate power and
> exploitation that has led to the current squalor that pervades * of the
> globe's people.  They will begin to organize to take the next step in
> fighting that power.  All we need is you!
> How to get involved and find out more:
> 180/Movement for Democracy and Education:
> (608) 262-9036
> http://www.corporations.org/democracy
> United Students Against Sweatshops
> (202) NO-SWEAT
> http://www.umich.edu/~sole/usas
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