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> it would truly be a contradiction for capitalist government to
> increase taxes on the very class of property holders that will save
> its economic system via the taxing of the workers --workers whose pay
> has been eviscerated because of tax evasion by the bourgeoisie!

In fact, this is a mistake in my view. Because a serious CAPITALIST
government in Argentina would first and foremost tackle the basic
issue of capitalism, that is the existence of a market. A
transformation of the tax structure together with other measures
tending to give new breath to domestic market is a logic bourgeois
measure that many bourgeois economists, in fact, are proposing right
now. What would a SOCIALIST government do is a different history, but
the reformation of the tax system (which would in fact mean to return
to what we had during better times under CAPITALISM) is feasible.

Only that imperialist pressure makes it impossible without full
workers' support. And this time, why should workers stop in the
support? The limit to a bourgeois reshuffling of Argentinian economy
is not economic in the narrow sense. It is political. The only social
class that may fight for this is the working class, and the working
class is slowly stepping ahead of their Peronist (that is, national
bourgeois) consciousness. This is the kernel of the Argentinian

The call to fiscal rebellion, in fact, mirrors the "No taxation
without representation" of the American Revolution, were it not that
the technicalities of semicolonial status blur a little the fact that
taxation, in Argentina, is a mechanism of substraction of riches that
go to the core of the Empire.

> The situation now presents a terrific opportunity for workers in
> different sectors to recognize their common concerns.
> (Wow, can you imagine if Argentine and Uruguayan workers linked?!)
> Hang tough, hang together, hang capitalism!
> En solid.,
> Chris Brady
> Louis Proyect
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