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> This screed begs the question: if workers have NOT been
> withholding their taxes until now, and class-wide tax evasion
> therefore can be used as a dire threat by an influential labor leader,
> who has been dodging their fiscal duties if not the bourgeoisie?

Most fiscal income in Argentina, in fact, comes from VAT and other
indirect taxes. While 40 billion dollars come from this source,
income taxes (in a country where profits have been consistently
rising for large corporations and privatized public utilities
companies), with no taxation at all on financial operations, with
myriad tricks to legally ellude direct tax payment for the bourgeois,
are of just 9 billion.

Argentinian capitalists are so ravenously putrid in this respect that
Daniel Artana, one of the chief economists of FIEL (the right wing
advisory economic institution) has recently declared, upon mild
declarations that there would perhaps be some kind of a necessity to
increase income taxes, that "there remain officials with expropiatory
mind". This, and declaring that "the Proceso did not kill them all"
is more or less the same.

It is taxes to consumption that hold the burden, not taxes to income.
In fact, the tax structure is a powerful system to transfer riches
from the poor to the well to do here. Not to speak of the different
ways through which reactionary regimes and fearful petty bourgeois
administrations have been robbing workers of their retirement and
health funds, etc.

A hug to all, going out to see if the leaves are moving on the trees
or they have gone on strike also. This morning there was heavy
inbound car traffic on the South Eastern Freeway, near my home, but
not a single bus. So that it looks like not only the strike is
succesful, but those who have decided to come to the City to work
will find a horrible jam at closing time. Shit on them, they deserve

> it would truly be a contradiction for capitalist government to
> increase taxes on the very class of property holders that will save
> its economic system via the taxing of the workers --workers whose pay
> has been eviscerated because of tax evasion by the bourgeoisie!
> The situation now presents a terrific opportunity for workers in
> different sectors to recognize their common concerns.
> (Wow, can you imagine if Argentine and Uruguayan workers linked?!)
> Hang tough, hang together, hang capitalism!
> En solid.,
> Chris Brady
> Louis Proyect
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