Carrol: Are apples red? Mark & Lou: No, they are round Re: Mark's environmentsal panic attack

Mark Jones jones118 at
Fri Jun 9 11:12:40 MDT 2000

Carrol Cox wrote:
> >

> No. I don't think anything in particular at all on this topic.

Really? You surprise me; I don't even believe you in fact.

>I  am asking you and  Lou to explain to me why I should think
>something on it. You  refuse to answer my question, but instead
>prefer to give 10k post after 10k post
> arguing on a
> topic the importance of which you have not even tried to establish.

Carrol, read what I write. Obviously you are not doing.

And let's suppose it's true that, as you put it:

> ... capital's only fundamental weakness is global warming, the
> exhaustion
> of energy sources, etc. (i.e., Nature),

Then you have 2 choices, either accept the facts and deal with them (my
or become like some medieval scholastic who dismisses things not on the
basis of
evidence but of what s/he would rather believe. Hell with that, say I. You
go on:

>then socialism becomes an absurd
> response.

would it? and if it did, would that somehow change the facts, as opposed to
your hopes and dreams?

>The only possible resolution of that contradiction
> would be through
> world domination by one or a few men who, convinced themselves of
> the danger from nature, could impose their will on the world.

I don't agree at all, but I see now why it is you are unprepared to look the
facts in the face.


PS I should explain that my letters are full of typose (sic) becauise I
hacve eye trouble. Sorry and all that.

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