Carrol: Are apples red? Mark & Lou: No,they are round Re: Mark'senvironmentsal panic attack

Carrol Cox cbcox at
Fri Jun 9 11:38:52 MDT 2000

I should point out that it is not Jose who has moved me away
from emphasis on global warming. Two years ago Mark and
Lou had pretty much convinced me of their position. I began
at that time to push for their going on from the mere technical
establishment of their position to developing the strategic
principles flowing from it. This they have refused to do. So I
began to think more and more that, since neither could give
a political reason for so much technical argumentation, the
technical argument must be, like debates over whether the
the *Iliad* poet composed in writing or orally, of purely
scholastic interest.

In the lack of any political input from Lou and Mark I have had
to try to think out for myself what were the political implications
of their argument. And the only result I could come up with is that
they had despaired socialist revolution and were hoping for
a philosopher king (or kings) to resolve the technological
contradictions which they felt replaced the historical and social
contradictions Marx had found in capitalism.

Each time that one or the other replies to a request for a political
argument with further attestations as to the need for technological
education I can only become more convinced that they have not
the remotest idea of what political strategy might make sense of
their technological position.

All Lou can do is endlessly repeat that Marx was interested in
The Truth and accuse Cox of not being interested in The Truth.
But Marx's pursuit of The Truth was within a general framework
which emphasized priorities. For example, he wrote Volume I
of Capital and published it before he had completely revised
Vols. II and III for publication. There were priorities. Lou and
Mark have, apparently, become utterly incapable of working
out a rationale for the priorities implicit in their research program.


Carrol Cox wrote:

> I say, I admit X. Now please tell me how to use X.
> Lou says, you need to read another 30 or 50 or 6000 pages
> demonstrating X.
> Carrol

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