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>>>>> Carrol Cox wrote, among others:

> But if capital's only fundamental weakness is global warming, the exhaustion
> of energy sources, etc. (i.e., Nature), then socialism becomes an absurd
> response. The only possible resolution of that contradiction would be
> world domination by one or a few men who, convinced themselves of
> the danger from nature, could impose their will on the world.

I agree with Carrol's assessment, based on an important
distinction between inner and external contradictions.  In
my judgment, the overturn of the capitalist system will
become a necessity for the sake of preventing ecological
catastrophe (i.e., an external barrier for capitalism)
before the inner contradictions of the system have caused
the majority of the population to turn against the system.
If this is true, the revolution will not take the idyllic
course of a mass uprising, but it will be a minority
vanguard wresting control from the present rulers and having
to maintain themselves in power through terror.  It will be
ugly and there is no guarantee of success, but it is going
to be far less ugly than having to face ecological
catastrophe with the present rulers in power.

Hans Ehrbar.

Louis Proyect

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