Carrol: Are apples red? Mark & Lou: No,they are round Re: Mark's environmentsal panic attack

Louis Proyect lnp3 at
Fri Jun 9 11:43:54 MDT 2000

Carrol wrote:
>I say, I admit X. Now please tell me how to use X.

Enough already with the furkakte pragmatism. Not every investigation by
Marxists leads to practical political action. We are trying to educate
people, not organize a boycott of Jeep Cherokees, for chrissake. Well, in
your case I'll make an exception. Carroll, the practical implication of all
this global warming stuff is to stop SUV's in their tracks. I expect you to
take the offensive on this in Springfield and to hear a full report by the
end of July. Take no prisoners.

Louis Proyect

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