China prepares to invade Taiwan

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> > Was Stalinism a "policy" (how about a "transitional
> > imperfection"?) or was it the "system"?  Was it
> > obligatory to defend this system (in the name of
> > socialism) just because it wasn't capitalist, or
> > because in our theoretical fantasy worlds it might,
> > given space and freedom, actually become "a workers
> > state"?
> >
> Yes.

I would add: the only way to succesfully fight Stalinism was to
support the right of the Soviet Union to do their life by herself,
without intervention from the USA.


CB: Agreeing with Nestor, and adding that the German big intervention was very


This would mean, of course, to
accept the right of the Russians and other Soviet peoples to decide
by themselves what kind of a government they wanted to have. Foreign
intervention is the dark side of things in the Third World (and,
delusions nonwithstanding, now it is clear that Russia and these
peoples were Third World countries saved from havoc by October and
its deformed outcomes, Stalinism included).

Why is it, other than political pressure from the ruling classes in
the First World, that such a simple fact cannot be acknowledged up


CB: Keep teaching us , comrade.


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