Carrol: Are apples red? Mark & Lou: No,they are round Re: Mark's environmentsal panic attack

Carrol Cox cbcox at
Fri Jun 9 12:10:23 MDT 2000

Mark Jones wrote:

> I don't agree at all, but I see now why it is you are unprepared to look the
> facts in the face.

If you don't agree, then you should be prepared to develop the grounds
of that disagreement. As to the second point, even if one "looks the
facts [as you describe them] in the face," there remains the necessity
of working out a political strategy that takes account of those facts.
Chris Brady argues, "The way capitalism wastes resources and the
high risk that the capitalist mode of production will terminally  trash
the workers’ world can only add to the urgency of its replacement."

And Macdonald Stainsby replies to me as follows:

 If global warming proved *not* to be a threat, would
> that show that capitalism is eternal?
> Politically, what follows from *either* view of global warming?

A word: Urgency.

It also leaves us with the real "TINA". ****

I agree with both Chris and Macdonald -- but we know from revolutionary
history that "urgency" is a  two-edged  political principle. One synonym
for it is despair -- and all the ultra-left politics that have always
urgency at its most intense. This may be apocryphal, but a friend once
quoted Lenin as having said there were three revolutionary virtues:
1. Patience. 2. Patience. 3. Patience.

Whatever urgency *we* feel must, to become a political force, seize
the masses -- and it must seize the masses in terms that make action
possible, not in terms that only generate a paralyzing despair.


> PS I should explain that my letters are full of typose (sic) becauise I
> hacve eye trouble. Sorry and all that.

I've never noticed typos that confuse the meaning.

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