Islamic Resistance

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Fri Jun 9 12:53:47 MDT 2000

As the following two communiques from Cuba and Iran make clear,genuine
revolutionaries have never had any difficulty in seeing the Iranian
Revolution for what it was: one of the greatest blows ever struck against
US imperialism.
Recently, the Cuban Tade Union newspaper "Trabajadores" carried an
editorial praising Hezbollah's victory in Lebanon and taunting the
Israeli's by asking "How does it feel like to be Goliath?" If this is
"medievilism" let's have more of it.
Julio Cesar
1. >IRAN NEWS POLITICAL DESK TEHRAN -- Cuban President Fidel Castro on
Saturday described the impact of the
Iranian culture on the world as "very great" adding that the Islamic
Republic of Iran with its peaceful policies could have great
influence on the region. He made the remarks at a meeting with the Iranian
Vice President Dr. Hassan Habibi.Referring to the important role played by
the Iranian and Cuban nations in bringing about the victory of their
respective revolutions, Castro said that the great task of the Islamic
Revolution of Iran was the ouster of the Shah who was
acting as an American gendarme in the region. The Cuban president described
the part played by Iran in the arena of world
politics as "important" and said Iran's policy of detente was "positive".

2. Letter from Union of the Hezbollah Students to the Cuban Leader

               From Shalamcheh, Tehran, Iran

               The Union of the Hezbollah Students in a letter addressed to
Fidel Castro praised and thanked him on his recent comments
               paying tribute to His Eminence Imam Khomeini and the Islamic

               In their letter, the Hezbollah Students refer to Cuban
leader’s statement and far-sightedness as sign of a profound
               understanding and spiritual boldness of the Cuban leader and
have wished ever increasing success for the world’s
               oppressed, and the Cuban freedom fighters in particular in
the struggle against the US.

               This letter was submitted by the members of the Union of the
Hezbollah Student and the Council of the Hezbollah
               Students of University of Tehran to the Cuban Ambassador on
April 22, 1998 with a portrait of His Eminence Imam
               Khomeini and a pictorial on the victory of the Islamic
Revolution to be presented to the leader of the Revolution and the
               Heroic people of Cuba, Fidel Castro.

               The Cuban Ambassador paying tribute to the memory of His
Eminence Imam Khomeini pointed to the great prestige that
               the leader of the Islamic Revolution, Ayatollah Khamenei has
among the Cuban people and leaders and praised the heroic
               resistance of the Iranian Moslems in their struggle.

               In conclusion of the meeting with the Ambassador, the
student chanted: "Hail to Khomeini, Hail to Castro", "Hail to
               Khamenei, Hail to Castro", "Hail to Khatami, Hail to Castro".

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