Question for all you Leninists out there

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Well, actually the person in question, who is not an anti-Marxist by any
means, although an Anti-Bolshevik, advanced the claim as though it were
common knowledge, saying they'd read it in "an autoritative source, trist
me, it's true."

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>CD> I have recently heard the unsubstantiated claim that Lenin ordered to
>CD> execution of all the Russian Orthodox clergy in the USSR.  This
>CD> strikes me as a load of bull, but, as I am certainly no historian of
>CD> the Bolshevik Revolution, I thought I'd ask those more in the know on
>CD> the list whether there is any truth to the accusation or not.
>    Why don't you simply ask the source of that slander, when this
>order has supposedly been given, ans also why it has not been carried
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