{islamic resistance} to Mr Sam Pawlet

Riad Koubaisi hamman at SPAMinco.com.lb
Fri Jun 9 14:24:32 MDT 2000

Hi comrade:
  sorry of being not update
             I am really surprised of  Mr. sam pawlet posts
first i must say that i don't like to put my self in a position which
defense Hizb Allah but i must say that Mr. pawlet write many things
which is completely wrong.
  hizb allah is not like jihad whose aim is to return to the 7th century
because hiz ballah ideology is based on shiite ideology while jihad
ideology based on sunnite ideology. the difference between the Shiite
and the sunnite sharia {islamic law}is very big , so while in shiite you
can put laws are not found in the koran and Mohammed talks the sunnite
can't. here i can give you one example , which is the deference between
Iran and saudi arabia and then i am sure that you will change your mind.

  Mr. sam pawlet you wrote in 29/1/2000 the following
    >The experience of the Marxist Muslims before,during and after the
>Russian revolution shows that there can be a kind of Marxist Islam.
>was up until Stalin had them executed for nationalist deviationism.
>Intellectuals like Mir Said Sultan Galiev (1880-1939) believed that
>Marxism and socialism must adapt to Islam and not vice versa as most of

>the Bolsheviks believed. Galiev called for a Muslim Communist Party and

>a seperate Muslim Red Army that would enjoy fraternal status with the
>USSR but would subordinate communism to the national question.This was
>the only way to ensure that the party would be sensitive to local need
>and culture. It should not be forgotten that some 300,000 Muslims
>volunteered for service in the Red Army during the civil war, though
>Muslim units were disbanded by 1923. The Bolsheviks disagreed with
>Galiev and stood by their universalist line with disastrous results
>the public veil burning ceremonies of Stalin's and Khruschev's time
.incited the populace even more. Ironically, the more the state tried to

>smash Islam the stronger it got. The explosion of Islamic activity
>during the Gorbachaev years was no accident

     then you wrote in 6/5/2000

>Yes, a struggle that will no doubt take place between Hizb and the
>secular left forces
    I really can hardly understand, one time you support Mr. galive
theory for adapting marxism to islam { which is for sure a disastrous
theory} and you ask the secular left forces to make a struggle with hizb
allah. the problem is not only that you are contradicting you self but
also you are in both notions {sorry to say it} not aware of the
situation of the left in the third world in general and the lebanese
left specifically. i wonder how the communist party in lebanon will be
secular party if we decide to develop a Muslim communist party and a
christian communist party. second dear pawlet i wish you give lefty
party in lebanon some advises that would help it to reorganize itself
not asking it for making struggle with forces are supported from syria
while the left in lebanon cant ask for civil marriage.

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