China prepares to invade Taiwan

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> > > Was Stalinism a "policy" (how about a "transitional
> > > imperfection"?) or was it the "system"?  Was it
> > > obligatory to defend this system (in the name of
> > > socialism) just because it wasn't capitalist, or
> > > because in our theoretical fantasy worlds it might,
> > > given space and freedom, actually become "a workers
> > > state"?
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> > Yes.
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> I would add: the only way to succesfully fight Stalinism was to
> support the right of the Soviet Union to do their life by herself,
> without intervention from the USA.
> )))))))))))))
> CB: Agreeing with Nestor, and adding that the German big intervention
> was very devastating.

Yes, of course, you are absolutely right, Charles. This led me to a
couple of ideas.

Since we are exchanging compliments with Charles (one of these days
we shall have to meet and drink a beer and a wine together, dear
friend!), I propose those comrades who sternly cast their fiery eyes
on these oh-so-undemocratic peoples to ask themselves how would the
United States of America be like today if it had been taken away from
brutal foreign occupation, from internal fragmentation in warrying
fractions, from hunger and disease, half a century ago. This is the
history with China.

Imagine what would have been of the USA if an Army had installed
itself over, say, the whole country North of the Mason-Dixon line and
East from the Ohio River, and you will understand what happened to
Russia during the early 40s. If you can convince me that under such a
situation American democracy would have lasted more than a sigh, you
can become an Emeritus at Yale.

Of course, the situation is still worse, since permanent harassment
from the USA has made things much worse and became a permanent factor
in domestic politics. So that please be more humble, dear comrades
from the wealthy North.

In a sense, the American people has little historic depth because
their country has been lucky.

Good luck during the early period has been a very important issue in
the success of the USA. They were gifted by Napoleon with half a
continent in order to transform them into a great power on the oceans
against Britain. When Napoleon (who they did never pay the moral debt
they contracted with him) fell down, and Britain was left with the
seas for her mighty Navy, the USA were already strong enough not to
have to support the plight we Latin Americans, newborn and almost
helpless, had to endure. It is easy to understand that most American
citizens do not have the slightest idea of what consequences do
foreign invasions bring with them.

But it is not so easy to see why should people who call themselves
Marxists follow that trend of thought. Aren't we supposed to know

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