The Nader campaign, part two: the Green Party

Louis Proyect lnp3 at
Fri Jun 9 15:57:57 MDT 2000

>Wasn't there proto US GP in early '80s called Committees of Correspondence
>(and I'm not confusing name with org that came out of CP in early '90s).
>Harry Boyte's name sticks in my mind, but seems some involved were folks
>who had worked on Barry Commoner's 1980 prez campaign.  I'm pretty sure
>that GP's 'Ten Key Values' were initially worked out by CofC (who adopted
>name to recall networks of local agitation groups established in 1770s)
>Michael Hoover

>From Howie Hawkins' article:

"The strength of the Green movement has always been its grassroots base in
local groups and, since 1992, in the emerging state parties. The national
level has always been loosely organized and national debates over structure
and program contentious. The GP-USA is the original national Green
organization in the U.S. It was called Committees of Correspondence from
1984 to 1989, Green Committees of Correspondence from 1989 to 1991, and
Greens/Green Party USA since 1991."

Louis Proyect
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