China prepares to invade Taiwan

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> Actually, there are some extremely difficult theoretical and
> practical  issues around power within revolutionary movements that need to be
> worked out over the years  -- and democracy mongering and bolshevik-
> baiting do not contribute to the debate but prevent it.
> I agree with Jose and others that those issues have been most
> thoroughly worked out in the Cuban Revolution -- but no one revolution
> can provide a template. All revolutionary movements are (during the
> long build up to insurrection *and* in the period, perhaps of some
> years after a successful insurrection) minority movements. And yet
> their survival (Yoshie has written of this on this list) in part
> depends on maintaining and building knowledgeable mass support --
> which cannot be done either with commandism or with merely charismatic
> leadership and "propaganda" not rooted in people's actual political
> experience. So there are real contradictions to be worked out.

I am even decided to debate Cuban issues. I am not afraid of that.
What I still cannot (or, to be honest, DO) understand fully is the
degree of incomprehension for their own responsibilities that some
Leftists in the First World display. It is not by withdrawing support
to China against the American bourgeoisie that they will help build
up a more "democratic" China, whatever that be. This is the problem.

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