Question for all you Leninists out there]

William Wharton williamwharton at
Fri Jun 9 16:41:15 MDT 2000

Chris Doss wrote:

> Well, actually the person in question, who is not an anti-Marxist by any
> means, although an Anti-Bolshevik, advanced the claim as though it were
> common knowledge, saying they'd read it in "an autoritative source,
> me, it's true."

I have found that many times "sources" are as "authoritative" as ones own
ideological predispositions allow them to be...

Carrol Cox <cbcox at> wrote:

...It seems to me a legitimate and perhaps usually best response to
various particular "charges" against this or that revolution is something
like, "Yes, next question." This seems to me true even at the agitational
level. Recruits to revolution who continue to measure every actual
revolution or revolutionary movement against an ideal Platonic model in
the mind will not stay the course.

Perhaps, "thank you for your question" would be more constructive.  In my
view such a question represents a person externalizing their
"limit-situation."  It should be examined, explored and returned to after
reflection but certainly not used to essentialize ones views of
revolutionary movements.

The point of this question - the execution of the royal family - reveals
that what i would view as the central theme of the Russian Revolution,
unrealizable as it was at that historical moment, has yet to be resolved.
Are the lives of these ten or so (??) people - the royal family - more
important that the lives of "the immense majority?"  or Can we equate the
political execution of the royal family with say, what Fanon would term
the "imcomplete death" of a life of oppression which millions of workers
and peasants face daily?  Feel free to substitute the names Gates, Knight,
Soros... for "royal family" wher

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