General Strike Argentina [was Fwd from C.Brady]

Chris Brady chris_brady at
Fri Jun 9 17:19:44 MDT 2000

Nestor dijo: "a serious CAPITALIST government in Argentina would first
and foremost tackle the basic issue of capitalism, that is the existence
of a market. A
transformation of the tax structure together with other measures tending
to give new breath to domestic market is a logic bourgeois measure that
many bourgeois economists, in fact, are proposing right now. What would
a SOCIALIST government do is a different history, but the reformation of
the tax system (which would in fact mean to return to what we had during
better times under CAPITALISM) is feasible."

Yes, Keynesianism, progressivism, and democratic socialism, allied
against rampant laissez-faire freedom fighters is by now a battle of our
age but it is not the class war.

be strong, be socialist,
Chris Brady

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