Question for all you Leninists out there

Chris Brady chris_brady at
Fri Jun 9 17:19:45 MDT 2000

Reactionary moralists drag up the vision of the noble Czar, the
long-suffering Tsarina, a sickly Tsarito, and a family of  poor,
innocent little children ruthlessly and viciously butchered by
slathering red miscreants on the orders of the godless autocrat Lenin.
This propaganda is so tired, so moldy, so melodramatic, and
transparently deceptive and misleading.  But what can you expect from
the righteous, bourgeois champions of "family values" --who ignore the
majority of families who suffer becasue of an unjust economic order
--and ignore that the Czar and his heirs blithely luxuriated in blatant
disregard of the suffering sea of commoners that visibly washed about
them and fed them and kept them like gods, in conditions that can only
be characterised as Satanic if one were to exercise Christian principles
sans hypocrisy.

I have read accounts that differ regarding Lenin and the Bolsheviks
murder of the Tsarist Family.  I had the impression that although Lenin
did not expressly order their deaths, that Bolsheviks on the scene
carried out a detail that would seem obvious to anyone dedicated to the
overthrow of the Royal House.

But proscriptions against regicide depend which side you're on, and who
benefits. Fans of the Great Revolution in England seem less concerned
about the episode where Cromwell's executioner chopped off the head of
King Charlie and held it up by the royal locks as gore gushed from the
neck to show to and prove to the jostling crowd of spectators that the
deed was done.  Such fans concentrate instead on the change in
socioeconomic relations ushered in by the new regime, a new order which
installed the bourgeoisie as ascendent.  In that case, well, it was
unfortunate but it had a happy result, like those who say Joe McCarthy
used bad tactics but had good intentions.

Bourgeois moralists sanctimoniously decry the murderousnous inherent to
socialist revolution, yet their capitalist order has always had the most
and best mass murder apparatus, and has not let morality interfere with
its "free" use.  They weap for the family of the Tsar yet accept that
"the poor will always be with us" and accept their wretched suffering
and early demise as sad but unavoidable, the way things go, natural;
they neglect to shed crocodile tears, if any, for continents of
families who could lead better and more fulfilling lives as Lenin and
the Bolsheviks actually, really endeavoured to effect --by putting their
own precious lives on the line.

Chris Brady

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