Untimely rains, sleet, landslides

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>>It seems the unexpected showers are as unwelcome for the residents as the
heat. Says an old resident of the Doon Valley: "Some five decades ago, this
foothill town did not require ceiling fans even during the summers, but
today you sweat even under the fans ... the town has lost its green cover,
so the climate has changed." It all boils down to man having disturbed the
Nature's balance.<<


    Thank you for posting this extremely interesting and instructive

    I've quoted the last paragraph in case you missed it. The problem is
attributed to LOCAL, not GLOBAL climate change. In a lot of your posts you
constantly mix up the two!

    In my experience, this sort of comment and situation is very common,
even in relatively small cities and towns. Now ask yourself, where are
weather recording stations located? And even when you KNOW the micro-climate
has changed, how does one compensate so as to FILTER OUT this local effect
so the big, global effect can be properly measured?


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Untimely rains, sleet, landslides worry Doon Valley environmentalists
By R P Nailwal

DEHRA DUN: Unusually heavy rains in short intervals, accompanied by
high-velocity, cool winds, during swltering summer months. Sounds like a
mid-summer night's dream. But people in the Doon Valley are still

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