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> Subject: B. Traven
> B. Traven is a great author.      The Death Ship is probably the
> greatest anti- Migra book of all time.       More Kafkaesque than
> Kafka's Cockroach or The Trial.     His other novels are just as good.
> Possibly the best author of the 20th Century.
> Also- I would like to read some of the novels that Alan Wald has helped
> re-publish.     It is a shame to see such a worthy project like that go
> under because of such a few dollars.
> Tony
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B. Traven was the pen-name of Ret Marut, a German anarchist who was a
commissar/minister for culture in the short-lived Bavarian soviet government
of 1919 and who went into exile in Mexico after its fall.
This information is from "The Man Who Was B. Traven" by Will Wyatt, a BBC
executive who produced a BBC TV documentary on the subject in the 80's.
His (i.e. Traven's) books *are* rather good

Geoff Collier
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