Carrol: Are apples red? Mark & Lou: No,they are round Re: Mark'senvironmentsal panic attack

Mark Jones jones118 at
Sat Jun 10 04:16:50 MDT 2000

Carroll wrote, apropos of obsessions:
> You can see it in Dennis Redman's obsession with maintaining
> the displacement of u.s. by european or japanese capital as the
> dominant political force.

The difference between Dennis on the one hand, and Lou and me on the other,
is that he is wrong and we are right, both on the substantive issue and on
the political implications thereof. The difference between GW + energy
famine as an issue and the origins of language as an issue, is that the
first position says that capitalism is entering a great general crisis of
historically unprecedented dimensions, and this is a far greater event than
the crisis for eg of 1914-1919 or 1939-47 and is bound to have much more
dramatic sequelae. That is why we ought to try to analyse the dimensions of
these interlocking crises and to analyse our responses and also the
responses of the ruling class, which we must answer if we are (a) to
survive, as a class, or ideologically-aware, politically-active fraction of
a class, and (b) if we are to go on to final and complete victory over this
rotten, vile and deadly system.

One of the things that greatly exercsies me right now is this: What
ideological resources are still available to the r/c? What residual sources
of legitimacy does capitalist ideo-hegemony enjoy, how will they be deployed
and how can they be answered? This is part of trying to think through the
forms of the ongoing collapse, as it accelerates, and the forms of political
response, the ways that is, by which the bourgoeisies will try to renew
hegemony: what kinds of force will they use, where, when, against which
groups and classes, how will they try legitimise those events/processes and
how will they use the combination of force and ideological relegitimation,
to create a pathway to social and economic recomposition and to restarting
valorisation, assuming there is ANY was that the accumulation process can be
restarted? This is what we have to do, starting with the known facts, a few
of which are: 50% of the world working class now live urban lives and are
effectively hostages to the corporate face of capital, which can feed/not
feed them, house/not house, provide/notprovide health and welfare nets, etc.
That the integrity of the biosphere has been disrupted in ways which are
alerady producing uncontrollable feedbacks that are derstroying entire
biomes, in rain forests, in the world ocean, etc.

That the world energy complex is entering a really serious crisis which will
strike many locales/groups at once, from brown-outs in North American cities
to sudden seemingly-localised gas shortages, to serious and growing energy
famines in Southern Africa, Russia, India and parts of South America. That's
THIS YEAR I'm talking about, not the remote future. In the next few years
there will be price spikes and oil shocks as the energy complex which
evolved thru deregulation and the collapse of the USSR, itself
disintegrates. This is one thing; global warming is another, and it may have
slipped some people's radars, but not mine, and I know why: because we ain't
seen nothing yet, but we are about to. Yes, the lives of hundreds of
millions, even billions, are on the line. So let's get real and start
talking about what matters.

Mark Jones

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