Frank Furedi's bum (was: help sustainable development)

Louis Proyect lnp3 at
Sat Jun 10 07:12:47 MDT 2000

>I think we need to pay much more attention to the current bourgeois rhetoric
>of sustainable development. This argues for a lowering of expectations in
>the economy and just about every other sphere of life. It stems from their
>insecurity about their system and how uncertain they now feel about their
>own mission.

When I hear stuff like this, I think of the first Rocky movie with
Sylvester Stallone. Picture the bourgeoisie as the battered fighter and
Frank Furedi as his trainer (played to perfection in the movie by Burgess

Rocky: I can't go on, Mickey. The NGO's got me on the ropes. I'm exhausted.
Snail-darter uppercuts. Spotted owl left hooks. I'm hurting all over.

Mickey (waving a towel in his face): You can do it, kid. Just remember who
you are and where you came from. You are the man. Without you, who will
plow the fields and dam the rivers. Just one more round, kid.

Louis Proyect
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