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el 10 Jun 00, a las 12:38, Ivonaldo Neres Leite dijo:

> Julio Fernández Baraibar wrote:
> > I don't like this issue.
> > After thirty years and when the brazilian Army is one of the most
> important
> > defenders of the national sovereignity on the Amazonas and one of
> > the most important barriers for the american invasion in Colombia it
> > is for me suspicious the preocupation of the imperialist sources
> > about the well known repression...
> Dear Julio:
> I agree with you, but I think the crimes of the dictators can´t
> continue forever in a  "unknown box". Today in Latin America (for
> example: Brazil) the youngs know little about what were the
> ditactorships and I am speaking as a Professor of History...

In Argentina, on the contrary, history is taught in such a manner
that younger generations are explained nothing of what happened
before the 1976 coup. The teaching of history in Argentinian schools
tends to generate a fearful cast of mind, of "let us keep this that
we have lest the military come back again". I will try to scan and
post an article by a relative of a disappeared high school girl on
this manipulation of consciousness, but this will have to wait till
next week.

I understand and share Julio's worries. Yesterday, in his only answer
to the strike, De la Rúa insisted on that no negotiation would set
him back in the measures he has already taken, and also insisted in
that the unionists "had done nothing to stop Menem and Menemism",
which in the case of Moyano is a slander and a lie. De la Rúa
himself, of course, has never been at a mobilization led by the MTA
to which Moyano belongs. But the President of the Radical Party, the
Vice President of Argentina, the Minister of the Interior, and lots
more have. What really matters, however, is to install a lie as a
truth. This is a frequent mechanism, particularly in Latin America.

We Argentinians are lucky that we had an incissive intellectual such
as Arturo Jauretche, who decoded the system of organized nonsense
that constitutes the structure of mind in a colonial country, so that
when we smell a rat there are good chances that the rat is there.

What we should claim for is, here as on other realms of life, "Hands
off Latin America!". It is we who must bury our dead. If we do not do
it OUR way, they will be buried the way imperialism wants them to be

That is, we shall kill them twice.

So to
> open the secret files don´t seem be a bad idea.
> Ivonaldo N. Leite

Néstor Miguel Gorojovsky
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