Frank Furedi's bum (was: help sustainable development)

Russell Grinker grinker at
Sat Jun 10 12:00:57 MDT 2000

From: Louis Proyect <

>>I think we need to pay much more attention to the current bourgeois
>>of sustainable development. This argues for a lowering of expectations in
>>the economy and just about every other sphere of life. It stems from their
>>insecurity about their system and how uncertain they now feel about their
>>own mission.
>When I hear stuff like this, I think of the first Rocky movie with
>Sylvester Stallone. Picture the bourgeoisie as the battered fighter and
>Frank Furedi as his trainer (played to perfection in the movie by Burgess

I think I need to spell it out a bit more clearly.

The bourgeoisie have a crisis of confidence in their own system.  They're no
longer gung ho proponents of unbridled accumulation.  They've adapted what
was a "left" idea, sustainable development, and this has become a key
feature of the way they try to manage their system.  The attendant
conservatism and slow growth that this involves means a slow death for many
in the third world.  Unfortunately much of the left has become infected with
this outlook as well.  The left used to demand more.  Now people like you
seem to think it's radical to call for less in the interests of saving the


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