Frank Furedi's bum (was: help sustainable development)

Russell Grinker grinker at
Sat Jun 10 12:02:03 MDT 2000

From: Mark Jones

>Russell, why are there water shortages in parts of sub-Saharan Africa?
>(hint: recent global-warming enhanced el nino/el nina events have led to
>droughts). So what IS your solution to making 7l a day the norm?

Water shortage?  In this province some people regularly water their gardens
with about 1000 litres of water a time and wash their two cars with similar
amounts.  Just up the road people eke out an existence, often carrying water
hundreds of metres in paraffin cans from a communal tap or polluted water

In this case uneven development and neo-apartheid distribution of resources
have very little to do with  el nino or any natural cause.  Rural dwellers
are starved of water while giant pipelines go right past their shacks to
feed industry and agriculture.  Are you telling me that the current
situation in Africa is the result of natural phenomena?


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