Operation Condor

Chris Brady chris_brady at SPAMearthling.net
Sat Jun 10 14:18:57 MDT 2000

>>it is for me suspicious the preocupation of the imperialist
>> sources about the well known repression in the continent under orders

>> of the same imperialism. I repeat, I don't like this issue.

>Hadn't thought of it. Yes, I smell a rat.

Doubly suspicious considering the CIA constipates any release of
infomation regarding their foul deeds related to Operacion Condor.
(Any small farts of data they are forced to expell are typically
obscured by
redactions, etc.)

Regardless, such information in Brazil may serve to jettison some brass
who deserve the chop, and make room for a new crowd of boss soldiers,
maybe even some who are not quite so ready to jump to attention when
put on alert by their old schoolmasters at the School Of Assassins.

Chris Brady

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