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Jokes aside, Carlos is hitting the point here. There is an obvious
campaign against any form (even Rightist) of Brazilian sovereignty or
nationalism. This would put us on alert, not only about the CIA and
the USA, but also on what noises can be heard from within the
military bases. Thank you Carlos for these meaningful news.

Carlos wrote:

> The problem is that bashing of the military dictatorship has
> become an important tool of legitimacy for all neoliberal bourgeois
> government that sprouted in LA during the 80s, who portray the greatest
> political issue ahead as the opposition of a timeless "democracy"  ...
> as against "totalitarianism", such as in the wretched
> amalgam made by the governor of São Paulo Mário Covas, who called the
> striking teachers demosnstrating against him "fascists".

All that discourse is the ages old discourse of "left" Radicals in
Argentina, Alfonsín first and foremost. Plutarch might have forgotten
Argentina and Brazil in his "Paralell lives".

The following by Carlos is extraordinarily sharp, IMHO.

> Last Sunday, the mainstay of the bourgeois midia in Brazil, _O Globo_,
> began a piece of investigative journalism about the Brazilian army

"Thief, thief!", shouted the murderer while escaping. Our bourgeois
media in the Southern Cone are like the tero, a local bird that
protects the nest by strong shrieks given very far from the place
where the eggs are. "Hay que hacer como el tero, que en un lado pega
el grito y en otro pone los huevos".

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