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Rebello, your post is wonderful. It was exactly this I wanted to mean. This
is the very fucking reality of all this story.
Really, it is very difficult to find someone who thinks in this way in my
country. To find someone in Brazil is almost a miracle. I celebrate marxism
that let this kind of friendship and Internet that let to realize it.

> Last Sunday, the mainstay of the bourgeois midia in Brazil, _O Globo_,
> began a piece of investigative journalism about the Brazilian army
> killing under torture 7 Colombian gold-diggers after an attack of the
> FARC to a Brazilian  frontier post in 1991. We were offered gruesome
> detail on the Brazilian punishing expedition across the border, from
> crucifixion to rape followed with murder. Well, of course I believe that
> the Italians were right when they coined the tag about things that, even
> when not true, are well found - _se no é vero, é bene trovatto_. But the
> fact was that the general in command during the described border
> incident was also the opposition candidate to the presidency of the
> Military Club, who proposed to make the Club a platform for agitation
> about nationalist  ideas - albeit from a right-wing viewpoint - as
> against the passive acquiescence of the anti-national policies of the
> Cardoso government, an acquiescence that has been supported by the
> present octogenarian president of the Club - BTW, a well-known torturer
> that was photographed in the aftermath of the 1964 herding a half-naked
> and rope-tied communist leader across the streets of Recife, who was
> thus exposed  before hving the stuffing beaten out of him in the open by
> two sargeants. The crowding of all major Brazilian newspapers with "the
> headlines of 25 years ago" in the expression of a satirist, reminds me
> ever of a paragraph in Josephus's "Jewish War" about the necessity of
> writing the history of the *present*, better than that of the past...
> Carlos Rebello
> Louis Proyect
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