Mark's environmentsal panic attack

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I am only now in the process of wading through this correspondance but feel
I must chip in to thoroughly support Carroll's view.  What MAY happen a
couple of hundred years from now is a side-issue - whereas the question of
feeding the world population is REAL here and now - as is the military
interference of the imperialist powers in country after country of the third
world etc etc etc.

This group is discussing ad infinitum as issue on which there is NO
SCIENTIFIC AGREEMENT - and in any case, increasing amounts of CO2 int he
atmosphere and increased environmental temperature both, in general,
increase plant productivity - so any changes in climate (if real) would not
all be bad !!!

It is clear from physics that EVENTUALLY the earth will die - but we shall
all be dead well before - so let's get real.

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> If global warming proved *not* to be a threat, would
> that show that capitalism is eternal?
> Politically, what follows from *either* view of global warming?
> It seems to me that capitalism is an equally deadly threat to human
> well being whether or not global warming is a threat. And I still
> do not see how knowledge (even assuming we had certain knowledge)
> of catastrophes 100 years from now could make a significant
> political difference now.
> The longer this debate goes on, the more I begin to suspect that
> *even* if Mark and Lou are 100% correct in their science, their
> concern with the issue is leading them away from significant
> political thought.
> Carrol

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